A Glorious Find

Yes, the Evil Twins have been lying low, turning from the current madness to shelter in the forest twilight, and yet we decline to completely escape reality, choosing, in the face of all the ugliness, to look back, becoming, as it were, archaeologists of a passé concocté.

expedgoodsportingshotOn one of our recent forays into such a past we discovered, in the attic of Wanda’s brother Benjamin Waterman in Whitefield, New Hampshire, a large cardboard box, its sides sagging outward with issues from The Expeditious Vindicator, a pictorial magazine published in Littleton, New Hampshire in the first two decades of the twentieth century.

The reading was so engaging that we decided to pass it on to our readers. We’ve been busy photocopying the old pages with great care, and are  looking for an amenable publisher to print and distribute the photocopies.expedcontentsshot

We’re certain you’ll enjoy it as much as we have!

Every best wish,

The Evil Twins


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