“They Tell My Tale” Manuscript Complete!

ttmt-imageWe’re happy to announce that we’ve finally finished creating our latest book, They Tell My Tale to Children Now to Help Them to Be Good: A Bedtime Book for Grownup Children.

They Tell My Tale is a collection of illustrated poems and short tales, an exploration of the unconscious, both personal and collective, and an invitation for inquiring minds to revisit the world of magic and wonder they knew in childhood. Most of these poems are postmodern interpretations of traditional fairy tales, but some are reflections on our present conditions and two are based on iconic television series.

An earlier (and much shorter) self-published incarnation of They Tell My Tale was presented at the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, in 2010, where it was received with enthusiasm. The same book was later on display at the York University Art Gallery, Toronto, in 2011 at Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2012, and at ARTsPLACE Gallery, Annapolis, Nova Scotia in 2013.

The new revised version contains new poems, tales, and art, and is sure to delight imaginative, intelligent grownups.

Our next stage is working on making it available to readers. We welcome your good wishes! If you’re interested in owning a digital or hard copy of the book, please feel free to contact us at salamwarda@live.ca.

Warm regards,

The Evil Twins

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